Leandro Vieira


A developer and a brewer walk into a bar...​

Mixing the art of brewing with the creativity of coding, I thrive on exploring new flavors and pushing my skills to the limit. Welcome to my world of craft beer and coding!
about me

From Brewer to Code Crafter

With a master’s degree in Food Engineering and a journey that led me to the craft beer industry, my love for innovative flavors and techniques became my passion. But it didn’t stop there!

As my love for craft beer grew, so did my curiosity for web development. I embarked on a new adventure to master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress.

Now, I’m excited to combine my expertise as a brewer with my coding finesse to create captivating digital experiences.


Not just a WordPress Developer

I wield the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft unique, customized, intuitive, and visually appealing websites.

  <h1>I love beer.</h1> </body>

h1 {
margin: 20px;

const message = "I love beer.";

Just like brewing, learning and experimenting with new tools is an ongoing journey for me.







My work

Elevating User Experiences

Shaping Digital Destinations

Weaving code into visually stunning websites. Check back soon to explore upcoming projects that showcase creativity in development.

From Concept to Code Creation

Transforming ideas into immersive web experiences. Stay tuned for upcoming projects that redefine online interaction.

Leandro at the brewery, filling the hop doser with hops.
Craft Beer & Code

A Symphony of Craft Beer & Coding Artistry

In the world of craft beer and coding, innovation flows like a river of creativity.

Much like crafting the perfect brew, coding demands attention to detail, patience, and a dash of daring experimentation.

From crafting the ideal hop combination to writing elegant code, I find joy in the art of creation.


Let's Craft Something Extraordinary

I’m eager to contribute my skills and passion to your team.

Reach out to me at leandroaquinovieira@gmail.com to discuss how we can create remarkable digital experiences.